Gospel-Centered Worship

God has created humanity to be worshipers and our lives consist of continual worship. Every thought, word, desire and deed involves worship – the ascribing of worth and value. Each attitude, affection and activity is an expression of our allegiance, either to our Creator or  to His creation. God alone is worthy of our worship.

Because worship is intrinsic to who we are, worship is related to every area of our lives. We are called to eat, drink, speak, think and work to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Worship cannot be narrowed down to a particular time and place because we are always worshiping something.   There are no neutral desires or deeds; everything is an expression of worship.

We practice gospel-centered worship through the gathering of the saints in a corporate worship service. During this time, we worship God by remembering the gospel through preaching, teaching, singing, giving, praying and celebrating the ordinances of baptism and communion. Each of these acts of worship presents us an opportunity to receive, remember, respond and rejoice in the work of our great God and King, Jesus Christ.

We also desire that each member practice gospel-centered worship individually each day.  This discipline keeps our hearts and minds continually focused on Jesus.  This also reminds us of our continual dependence upon Him.