What To Expect?

At Horizon, we understand that the best kind of biblical knowledge is the kind that translates into action. Our weekend service is designed to give you biblical knowledge that you can use immediately. Relevant and inspiring, our weekend message series are designed to equip you to live in the 21st century.

Upon visiting Horizon for the first time, you can expect to experience…

 A Casual, Welcoming Atmosphere – Come as you are and expect to find a warm and friendly environment. We are a small church that makes a renovated home it’s worship space, so it is a natural environment to meet your neighbors, make friends, and learn about God in a non-threatening way.

Practical, Biblical Messages – You will hear down-to-earth, Bible based teaching that relate to the problems and pressures you face. The majority of the time in our worship service, we tend to teach through books of the Bible.  You will leave inspired and uplifted!

Uplifting Music – You will hear great music.  We value the hymns that stand the test of time.  We also love singing new songs to the Lord.

Ministry to Your Children – For school aged children (K-5), we offer Kid’s Connection during the morning worship time.  Children will learn God’s Word in an age appropriate environment.  Additionally, on the first Sunday of every month, we have “Family Worship.”  On this Sunday, we invite the whole family (kids included) to participate in the morning worship service.