Foundations Seminars

Foundations, our discipleship education hour for youth and adults, equips believers to comprehend the overarching truths of God and His word. Foundations seminars are 12 week tracks that meet twice a year during the Spring (Feb. – April) and Fall (Oct. – Dec.) semesters. Foundations are 26 seminars that fall into one of the following topics:

The Basics – foundational disciplines of the Christian life. (7 seminars)

The Bible Overview – understanding the story of Scripture. (2 seminars)

History and Theology – understanding the history of Christianity and where we fit in. (3 seminars)

Christian Life – Applying God’s wisdom to our relationships (9 Seminars)

Christian Growth – understanding how to engage the world with the good news of Jesus. (5 seminars)

Foundations Seminars take place on Sunday morning at 9:20 am (12 week tracks) and are open to everyone. Registration for Foundations takes place during the months of January and September. Visit the Events page for Foundations scheduling.