Growth Groups

Growth Groups are same-sex groups of 3-5 men or women, including teens, who meet regularly to focus their hearts on Jesus and to battle together to enjoy the truth of the gospel.

Growth Group Teams (2 Growth Groups together) meet monthly to fellowship together and work towards building a deeper and more intimate community that will enable Growth Groups to function effectively.  Growth Groups meet weekly for the remainder of the month and last for 12 months.

Growth Groups can be natural groups of friends but they are also a great opportunity to get to know new people and help others become more plugged in to our church family.

In these groups, we see growth as fighting the “good fight” (1 Timothy 1:17-18, 6:12; 2 Timothy 4:7); “we fight to believe that Jesus is more precious, satisfying and thrilling than anything else this world has to offer…” (Jonathan Dodson: Gospel-Centered Discipleship). Growth Groups are meant to help you: 1. Know your sin; 2. Fight your sin; 3. Trust your Savior.

This can be achieved by sharing openly, praying together and by discussing either books of the Bible or good books by Christian authors that will help you to engage with and be transformed by gospel truth.

Our hope is that Growth Groups will be the start of deep, life changing friendships with Christ at the center.  

We officially sign-up people to join Growth Groups every May, August and December but you can join a Growth Group at any time by signing up on the Connection Card during a Worship Service, or by filling out this form.